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The VICtory Sessions: Volume III

This project is dedicated to our leader, friend and brother, Expo (Victor Pontes-Macedo), who lost his 8 month battle with cancer on April 7, 2012. RIP Comrade...

To make a donation to this project follow this link to our PayPal donations page:

"The VICtory Sessions" are a collection of works that encompass everything that we have written and recorded…and never released. Volume III is extra special as it's a rare live recording of an Expo solo show from The Middle East Upstairs, a venue in Cambridge MA that helped both Expo and Audible Mainframe off the ground when we first started playing shows in the Boston area in the early 2000's. Each installment of The VICtory Sessions will be released as short EP's broken up into separate collectable volumes. As each volume is initially released they will be exclusively available for download through our website/soundcloud page. AMF has set up a PayPal Donations account and ask everyone to “pay what you want” for the EPs, as all money collected will contribute to the creation of the official VICtory charity.

The purpose of this project is to keep Expo's legacy alive through all the music we have created together that no one has had a chance to hear. This project will also be a token of our appreciation to everyone who has supported our movement throughout the years... we will be VICtorious...


Dear AMF Friends and Fans: 

As most of you may know, these past couple years have been a difficult time of transition for us all, following the loss of our comrade Expo.  Although we are no longer able to perform or record as Audible Mainframe, we will try to keep this page active as a time capsule of sorts. We plan to release any and all remaining unreleased tracks as part of our VICtory Sessions, and encourage all of you to check out our Facebook page, where you can share any photos, videos or memories you may have of Expo and AMF.  

As for us, we have been working with a very talented singer and songwriter called Pilot Touhill, who Expo “discovered” on Myspace (remember Myspace?) upon our moving to California. Some of you may know him from our songs “Poison Ivy” and “Sonuvagun” from the Transients album, as well as “The Return Of” on The Victory Sessions pt. 2 . He is a fellow east coast native, an incredible talent, and a great guy.   Check out his music online… he has allowed us to continue to do what we love, and we are very thankful. 

After spending the past year and a half touring as Pilot’s backing band, we are happy to announce that we are preparing to release a new collaborative project with him. It’s a different sound, a different voice, but the band remains intact, and we hope to continue making great music to share with you all. We will have more updates as this new project is completed. Thank you for all your support over the years, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. 

Don’t Be Sheep, and Subi Alto! 

NEW ALBUM: The VICtory Sessions: Vol II

One month ago today we got the hardest news we've ever had to hear. We keep Expo in our heads and hearts everyday, and will continue to keep his legacy alive for years to come. with that, we're proud to present the 2nd installment of "The VICtory Sessions." Similar to Vol. I, we encourage a "pay what you want" format. to make a donation please follow this link, and please download and enjoy "The VICtory Sessions: Vol. II" below...

In Memory of Victor Pontes-Macedo

Last night the world lost a legend. And we lost our friend, brother and leader. Expo inspired countless people worldwide with his words and actions. His legacy will live on through his music forever. Words can't even begin to describe how much he will be missed. Vic, you've got your wings on, ready to fly…onto that bicycle path up in the sky. Rest In Peace, Comrade.


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The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 5: "Children Of The Revolution"

The final track on The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, "Children Of The Revolution", is a very meaningful track for the band. It is the first bicoastal song we have ever recorded. After Expo left to head back to Boston for treatment, the band recorded the music at a studio in Hollywood. We then sent it to Expo, who finished writing to it…and even with all the rigors of his treatment, was able to get into a studio and lace the track like only he can. The original "Children Of The Revolution" is a song by T. Rex from the early 70s about teenage rebellion. And with all that has been going on in the world over the past year, as people unite in the streets to topple sultanistic dictatorships…Expo was inspired to put his own spin on this timeless track. The revolution won't be televised, but it will be on Facebook…

Take a listen below and grab the entire EP at:

The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 4 "I See What You're Doin" (And I Like It)

‎"I See What You're Doin (And I Like It)" has been written and recorded for close to 2 years now. We've gone back and forth on whether or not we wanted to release the song b/c we felt that it was a departure from the AMF sound. The demand for a recorded version has been extremely high from the moment we started playing it although we love the song, it's sort of a bittersweet feeling to finally release it. With initial plans to have Chali2Na (of Jurassic 5) on the song we quickly changed gears and ended up having our friends Mike Eddie (of baLAnce and the Traveling Sounds), Michelle Harding and Ashley Dominque bless us with their vocals. We also must give a shout to our homey RP Thompson of Bad Rabbits for lacing the track with some extra keyboards. We're happy to finally give this song some life as it's certainly one of the more pop sounding songs we've ever made. Take a listen below and again, dont forget to download the entire VICtory Sessions: Vol. I at.....

The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 3: "Toy Story ft. Camp Lo"

Track 3 on The VICtory Sessions EP, "Toy Story," came together through a band jam session well over a year ago. As Special Blend dug through the sound bank in his MPC out came the sample that would ultimately be the main riff of the song. The final product turned out to be a pretty hard hitting straight hip-hop track. At the time, we were working with a management company based out of NYC who also managed Camp Lo. We were fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to back them up for a show, as well as get them on a track. Lyrically Expo wanted to keep this song true to his hip-hop roots and show he hasn't lost his ability to battle. There were plans in place to have an animated video made, a la 'Toy Story' the movie, but those plans were somewhat derailed by a number of issues...peep the track below and don't forget to download the entire VICtory Sessions: Vol. I EP.... audiblemainframe/sets/victorysessionsvol1


The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 2: "Blast Off"

‎"Blast Off," the 2nd track on The VICtory Sessions: Vol. I, really defines the AMF sound and what "Future Throwback Hip-Hop" is all about. Conceptually and musically this song picks up where the previous one left off... we were getting "Ready To Fly" and now it's time to "Blast Off." Lyrically the song is about elevation and overcoming obstacles, which again, takes on a new meaning given our current situation. While going through a mild case of writer's block there were a couple of beats that helped break Expo out of that mode, and this was one of them. While most songs come from jam sessions, the framework of this beat was created by Lethal D, and offered everyone a chance to add their own flavor to the track. It was written almost a year ago, and only a select few have had a chance to hear it live. Take a listen below and don't forget to download the entire VICtory Sessions EP at: audiblemainframe/sets/victorysessionsvol1


The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 1: "Ready to Fly"

‎"Ready To Fly" was originally released as an exclusive single for 98.7FM and The Roxy Theatre. We had plans in place to record the official video around LA, with guest appearances including pro skater Andy MacDonald. With the video shoot less than a week away Expo was diagnosed with Cancer and had to return to Boston to begin chemotherapy. The song immediately became a rallying cry for the whole movement and we decided to rethink the video concept as a dedication to our wounded comrade. The song means more now than it did when we recorded it and the video came out better than we had ever imagined. Lyrically the song urges everyone to follow their dreams and never give up, which ironically takes on a whole new meaning given our current situation...take a look/listen and don't forget to download the VICtory Sessions EP at: audiblemainframe/sets/victorysessionsvol1