The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 2: "Blast Off"

‎"Blast Off," the 2nd track on The VICtory Sessions: Vol. I, really defines the AMF sound and what "Future Throwback Hip-Hop" is all about. Conceptually and musically this song picks up where the previous one left off... we were getting "Ready To Fly" and now it's time to "Blast Off." Lyrically the song is about elevation and overcoming obstacles, which again, takes on a new meaning given our current situation. While going through a mild case of writer's block there were a couple of beats that helped break Expo out of that mode, and this was one of them. While most songs come from jam sessions, the framework of this beat was created by Lethal D, and offered everyone a chance to add their own flavor to the track. It was written almost a year ago, and only a select few have had a chance to hear it live. Take a listen below and don't forget to download the entire VICtory Sessions EP at: audiblemainframe/sets/victorysessionsvol1


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