The VICtory Sessions: Vol 1, Track 1: "Ready to Fly"

‎"Ready To Fly" was originally released as an exclusive single for 98.7FM and The Roxy Theatre. We had plans in place to record the official video around LA, with guest appearances including pro skater Andy MacDonald. With the video shoot less than a week away Expo was diagnosed with Cancer and had to return to Boston to begin chemotherapy. The song immediately became a rallying cry for the whole movement and we decided to rethink the video concept as a dedication to our wounded comrade. The song means more now than it did when we recorded it and the video came out better than we had ever imagined. Lyrically the song urges everyone to follow their dreams and never give up, which ironically takes on a whole new meaning given our current situation...take a look/listen and don't forget to download the VICtory Sessions EP at: audiblemainframe/sets/victorysessionsvol1

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