A note from Expo...
I'm not normally the kind of person to post every detail of my life on facebook, but I did feel the need to share this with you, and instead of making 1000 phone calls, I'm gonna write one note.

About a week ago I was diagnosed with cancer from a doctor in Long Beach. Since then I've moved back to Boston and have begun seeing specialists here. We still have more tests to run before we get to the bottom of what it is, but theres gonna be a fight ahead of me, and I'm trying to get myself ready for it. [Read More...]
Interview with Audible Mainframe
Continuing the “Close to Home” series’ tradition of bringing the best of LA to Universal Citywalk, Audible Mainframe will be hitting the 5 Towers concert venue tonight. This socially conscious, live hip-hop band has been dubbed “the faces and souls of this generation,” and over the course of the group’s eight-year history, they’ve played with everyone from LMFAO to Common. No doubt they will have the crowd going crazy tonight, and the best part of the whole deal? It’s free!

LA Music Blog had a chance to talk to Audible Mainframe about their history on the east coast, their show tonight at Citywalk, and their new single, “Ready to Fly.” [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe – Ready To Fly
The Boston transplants to Long Beach, Cali are back with a brand spanking new single for your sound holes. [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe – Not Like ‘Anybody Else’
The fusion Hip Hop band Audible Mainframe landed on the shores of Long Beach by ways of Boston, Mass. Whether they came by U-Haul or spacecraft is debatable... [Read More...]
Live local bands make a splash in San Diego music scene
"Another great group that played at Indiefest, AUDIBLE MAINFRAME (AM), is an amazing mix of rap with a six-piece band.." [Read More...]
Expo Solo Show Boston Pheonix Top Pick

Expo Solo Show Boston Pheonix Top Pick

MC Exposition moved to Long Beach with his Bean-bred live rap outfit Audible Mainframe more than three years ago. Still the seasoned Boston rhyme wiz is good for at least one annual Hub solo show, which this time around comes Friday at the Middle East Downstairs. 2010 was a big year for Expo and Audible; in addition to playing Spin magazine's gala at South by Southwest, the storied Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip just named them one of its top 20 up-and-coming bands. [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe Selected to Roxy’s Top 20 of 2010!
The Roxy Theatre on Sunset - "We’re fortune enough to have talented artists come through our doors just about every day. We took a look at the past year and (not easily) narrowed our favorites down to our top 20 of the year." [Read More...]
Sunset Strip Music Festival 2010
"I was not planning on attending the Sunset Strip Music Festival this year because I have recently turned old and the only way I would pay $50-$65 for a ticket would be to see the Smashing Pumpkins again"....."After the Pumpkins we headed back to the Roxy and caught Audible Mainframe, a super-amazing band that you should pack up and go see right now. Go knock on their door, they seem like the kinda guys that will play a show anytime, anywhere." [Read More...]
Fyasko Sponsors Boston Band, Audible Mainframe
"Orange County-based clothing brand FYASKO (WWW.FYASKO.COM) has just taken their art and music involvement to the next level when they announced their sponsored partnership with Boston’s own six-piece band, AUDIBLE MAINFRAME" [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe Delivers Rhymes with a Message to RBN
"Are you growing tired of the self-aggrandizing, auto-tuned rap and hip hop invading the airwaves these days? If so, Audible Mainframe will come as a breath of fresh air with its combination of killer beats and a positive message. Featuring a bassist, guitarist, DJ, drummer, rapper, and a keyboardist who doubles as a trumpet player, Audible Mainframe is bringing a brand new sound to the Rock Band Network." [Read More...]
Great New Songs from SXSW... in a Sentence Each
"By sampling Justin Timberlake, this ultra-tight band takes Afro-rap's sexy back"... [Read More...]
SXSW Photos: Saturday 3-20 / Scott Dudelson
BLURTS's Scott Dudelson takes photos at South by Southwest...check out them out here!
Bands Get Styled on the TIGI Rockaholic Tour Bus at Stubb's
Audible Mainframe's Johnny G. getting styled... [Read More...]
SPIN to Host Hole's First U.S. Gig!
"After a triumphant return to the stage this week in London, Courtney Love and Hole will play their first U.S. show in more than a decade at SPIN's annual bash at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas, on Friday, March 19...On the indoor stage, Philly rockers Free Energy (also on the 10 to Watch list) and Austin's own power popsters Harlem join Goons of Doom and Audible Mainframe." [Read More...]
Live Review: Wale @ The Roxy in LA (02.02.10)
"The Roxy was in full effect with an assortment of local MCs and DJs keeping the crowd hyped with an array of hip-hop and electro fusions. Most notable was live hip-hop band Audible Mainframe, who seem bound for Coachella stardom with their easy hybrid of hip-hop beats and indie sensibilities. Their intense energy enticed wild cheers from the sold out venue and warmed the stage for the main event." [Read More...]
Soundbite: Wale and Audible Mainframe
"...Audible Mainframe, the second act of the night..This is a group with the kind of talent Wale should have, a six-piece band from Boston...Theirs was a set far more musical, far more dynamic, far more buoyant than anything else on hand that night, a full step above what passes for hip-hop these days..." [Read More...]
The 50 Tightest Hip-Hop Tracks of 2009
Jump The Turnstyle's List of the 50 Tightest Hip-Hop Tracks of 2009 Including 'Subi Alto' off Audible Mainframe's new album "Transients". [Read More...]
Download: Audible Mainframe, ‘Anybody Else’
We don’t process a lot of hip-hop here at Buzz Bands HQ, but with a big show headlined by fast-rising U-N-I coming up this weekend, I figure it’d be a nice time to introduce Audible Mainframe. [Read More...]
Karmaloop Mens Blog » Congratulations, Audible Mainframe!
My good friends and one of the best unsigned bands in the land, Boston's very own Audible Mainframe, have been named as grand prize winners in the Airwalk Unsigned Hero: Road to Austin competition, outlasting hundreds of solid acts to ... [Read More...]
Congrats to Audible Mainframe - Winners of the SPIN Magazine "Road ...
The fact that Audible Mainframe isn't one of the most propped bands in America has always aggravated me. Not just because they sound great - that can be said of every act and artist I endorse (if I do say so myself) - but because they ... [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe wins the Airwalk 'Unsigned Hero - Road to Austin' Contest
Audible Mainframe, a six-member live hip-hop band out of Long Beach, California, has won the Airwalk Unsigned Hero - Road to Austin contest. The band earned the most online votes out of the top ten finalists to secure the win. [Read More...]
I'm really feeling Audible Mainframe
with a sound that reminds you of stetsasonic, de la soul, radiohead and other hip hop artists who have strong instrumental influences, audible mainframe is hip hop in it's purist form. make sure you check out their website... [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe, Transients | Skope Entertainment Inc
Audible Mainframe catapulted from their popular Boston nightclub status to making a name for themselves all over the west coast. Their sophomore CD Transients. [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe - Transients Album Review
After listening to the first couple songs of Transients I knew right away AMF was legit. The first track “Money and Flash” paid homage to their rap heroes, and mine, by sampling Tupac and Biggie in the same song, classy move by a group that takes pride in their rap history. [Read More...]
Audible Mainframe, LA’s #1 Hip-Hop Experience Releases 2nd Album “Transients” 8/25/09
AUDIBLE MAINFRAME is a live hip-hop band making a huge impact on the west coast. Their album "Transients,” releases August 25 and promises to be their best. AMF will host release parties on Aug. 21 in Boston, MA and Aug. 27 at the Viper Room in CA. [Read More...]
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